360 Woman Africa is a Non-Profit organization in Nigeria that is bridging the skill gap for women between the age of 22-55 in business and careers across Nigeria.
In the last 6 years, the organisation has consistently trained, coached and mentored over 15,000 women to reach their highest potential in their various areas of interest.

360 Woman Africa last year launched her Women Skill Development Center which is the platform that manages all her women’s development programs which include the Enterprise Skill Development Program and the Leadership Skill Development Program.

Through this centre, our goal is to build a viable community of highly skilled women, exemplary business leaders who will pay it forward within the various sectors they belong to.

The two weeks Mini-MBA program for women in business serves as our developmental training focus program for the year. We are passionate about women entrepreneurs and providing solutions to the many challenges that exist.

One of our strategies at 360 Woman Africa is to reach the underserved market which has hugely women-owned and women-run businesses in it, to support them to gain better skills to thrive in today’s business world, scale their businesses, connect them with other successful business entrepreneurs and finally support successful applicants with grant awards to boost the growth and profitability opportunities.

Job creation and inclusiveness growth have become one of the biggest social development problems in Africa, one key channel to provide these growths would be from the private sector, especially SME’s and taking it a step further women entrepreneurs which has now seen the female economy has one of the fastest-growing markets of the world. An African woman is known to be a businesswoman and our job is to take them a step further with our training so they can grow and then create jobs while also increasing the number of Women-Led thriving Businesses and Women in Leadership in Nigeria.

The two weeks training will be having the finest of industry leaders like Steve Harris, Yvonne Chioma Ofodile, Just Ibe, David Ita of Koboaccountant, Atinuke Babatunde of Brand Fusion, Jennifer Ukoh PR Manager GOTv Nigeria etc take the following modules, Management and Leadership, Accounting and Taxation, Technology, Sales and Marketing, Branding and PR Communication, Personal and Business Law etc.

The virtual training is scheduled to last for two weeks after which every participant will receive their certificates. Participants who have also successfully completed the training will be granted access to apply for the grant and the best 5 will be awarded the sum of N500,000.00 naira each as which is our Women in Business Empowerment Fund for 2021.

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