About Us

Who We Are

360 Woman Africa is a non-profit organisation that has over 5 years executed programs that educate, empower and inspire young business and career women in the private and public sector.

  • Our Vision: To be a powerhouse that raises a vibrant generation of 360 women who actively elevate gender equality, inclusion and diversity to 35% across all sectors in Africa.
  • Our Mission: Through our Women Skill Development Center, we will equip women with personal, leadership and business skills to optimize potential for global relevance thereby increasing their participation in a modern economy and improving gender equality, inclusion and diversity in Africa.

Our 4 Operational Pillars

  • Leadership: The courage to change the future, the ability to think it and the capability to becomes leaders worthy of emulation within her community.
  • Empower: Build a platform that empowers women to reach towards their highest potential through our various mentoring, coaching and capacity building programs.
  • Connect: Grow a sustainable platform that connects passionate and purposeful young women to achieve their goals and serve as support systems to achieve life, career and business goals through our networking initiatives.
  • Collaboration: Through its community , she hopes to enhance her collaborative opportunities for growth and advancement in all areas.

Our Core Values

  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Passion
  • Diversity
  • Joy
  • Teamwork

Our Objectives

  • To raise strong women who will rise to take leadership positions and raise the next generation of women leaders.
  • To be a voice that promotes gender equality, inclusion and diversity for women in Business, Leadership, Politics and Governance.
  • To Consistently build a sustainable support system through mentorship and life coaching avenues for our women through the support of the Life Coaches Association of Nigeria.
  • To foster interactions and connections between young women with dreams and women who are currently living their dreams.